Yocto Docs

Please find below a collection of lesson, training and other technical documents that could helps if you want to develop embedded projects with Yocto. Yocto project https://www.yoctoproject.org/learn/ Bootlin https://bootlin.com/doc/training/yocto/ https://github.com/bootlin/training-materials/ Linux.com https://www.linux.com/topic/embedded-iot/real-world-build-tips-yocto/ Witekio https://witekio.com/blog/embedded-linux-demystified-3/ Codecubix https://www.codecubix.eu/linux/linux-yocto-on-raspberry-pi/ Christophe Blaess https://www.blaess.fr/christophe/yocto-lab/ Linux Embedded https://linuxembedded.fr/tag/yocto

Yocto dans le Cloud

J’ai testé 3 des plus grands fournisseurs de solution Cloud IaaS en Pay-As-You-Go avec un compte d’essai gratuit. Build Yocto Dans cet exercice comparatif, Yocto est utilisé pour construire une distribution Linux (Yocto Thud 2.6.1) compatible avec un Raspberry Pi. Au cours du processus de construction, la machine Yocto va Read more…


Linux Yocto for Raspberry Pi

Deploy Yocto 2.6 codename “Thud” on Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless YoctoProject Release LTSIKernel Version LTSKernel Version ReleasedKernel Version Yocto Project 2.6 linux-yocto_4.9 linux-yocto_4.14 linux-yocto_4.18 Clone Yocto Layers Setup the environment Add specific Meta Before going further, the meta “Raspberry Pi” has to be declared into the build system of Yocto. Read more…